Why Is Monogamy Natural For Women?


Caveman Theory explains the answer to that questions easily.

Ever wonder why women tend to be more jealous and possessive than men? (Anyone who says they aren’t more so that way than men is simply trying to be politically correct.) ….remember, “Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned…”

In caveman days, babies were just as helpless for a very long time as they are today.

Although in some cases other clan members would of course help a woman with her baby should her man be killed. The loss of a father, for whatever reason, was almost a sure death sentence for his babies. Times were hard. There was no welfare and no food stamps. The man brought home the bacon.Period.

The biological father had the greatest instinct for raising his child. Should a woman “roam” and become impregnated with others’ babies, the man’s desire to care for them went down drastically. The woman needed that ONE man to be completely committed to her and her babies. It was literally a matter of life and death.

It was in her baby’s best interest to show her man 100% loyalty. There was no doubt her babies were his. It was imperative he knew that to be a fact.

Along these lines, any suggestions or thoughts that her man may be interested in another woman led to extreme insecurity. This explains the extreme competitiveness and jealousy often seen in today’s women.

Likewise, him splitting his time and energy between her and her babies and another woman and her babies was met with nearly equal worry and for just reason.

Monogamy was naturally selected for. With it, a woman’s baby had the best chance of survival. Period.

What about monogamy and men? That’s another blog post 🙂

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