Heavy Kids and Caveman Theory


One of my top irritations today concerns the growing prevalence of “food police” in our society. All the way from our First Lady to local school board members, we are bombarded with do-good advice, guidelines and laws which supposedly will create less fat kids and adults.

This has been going on for well over 20 years. However, lately the rhetoric has been ramped up several notches. I just watched a TV special about obesity in our children. The central theme was how government had an obligation to the people to tackle and fix this problem. Additionally, all food related businesses, small and large had a societal obligation to “provide healthier choices” (one of the do-gooder’s favorite anti-obesity buzz words).

Do not misinterpret what I am saying about the “do-gooders”. I do admire them for their concern and their willingness to take action.

But they are simply wrong in their approach.

Once again, please allow me to simply interject some caveman theory into the issue. For those who can’t quite subscribe to the caveman theory principles on this blog, how about we just talk about plain common sense instead.

The food police have been hard at it for over twenty years (a case can be made for 30 years in fact).

Thousands upon thousands of laws have been created in order to “provide more healthy choices”. Yet, every year our children get fatter, fatter, and fatter.

Hundreds of the world’s most famous people in the past few decades have jumped upon the bandwagon of healthy eating to fight obesity. Yet, every year our children get fatter, fatter, and fatter.

Millions upon millions of advertising dollars have been spent by our government and private organization to ensure parents understand the importance of “healthy options”.  Yet, every year our children get fatter, fatter, and fatter.

Um, listen, even a caveman can figure out something is amiss here. The only answer the food police have to the problem is to make more laws and rules, enlist more people to spread the word, and spend more money “educating” parents about healthy choices (all the things that HAVE NOT worked at ALL in the past 20 years).

In the 60’s our school lunch rooms served the very greasiest pizza, fried chicken, and french fries known to man. We ate REAL butter on our homemade hot roles (delicious I might add!).  The concept of salad bars was still years away.  At best, we had a few pieces of lettuce with our hamburger and fries.

In the 60’s and 70’s restaurants, drive-in’s and McDonalds were free to serve the tastiest foods they could fry up in deep fryers of animal fat (lard makes for the best tasting fries possible).

Instead of healthy eating commercials, we as kids learned about the tastiest and sugar filled breakfast cereals in the world (which our Mothers gladly bought and fed us).

I could go on, but you get the point.

And guess what. The kids in the 60’s, 70’s and before, were MUCH skinnier than they are today after 20+ years of the best efforts of the food police!

Yes, the do-gooders think the problem is still the lack of focus and availability of “healthy choices”.

Honestly, I’m at a loss for words here with respect to their lack of common sense and their inability to understand just how misguided they are.

When I was a kid, we had 4 grainy channels of TV to watch, when we watched it. We had no computers, iPads, iPods, Facebook, or any other gizmos to keep our rears glued to a chair, couch, or floor.

My goodness, if you took those things away from our kids today, what WOULD they do with themselves? How, I wonder, did I manage when I was a kid without those things?

I’ll tell you how.

My friends and I PLAYED together outside. We played all weekends, every weekend. We played after school as much as possible. In the summer we played until dark and sometimes past dark if we could.  On rainy days, we played “army” or the like inside. We burned a ton of calories…just like cavekids did.

We were NORMAL kids. Today, our kids are not doing “normal” things kids have done for ions of time. It’s not natural to spend so much of your time growing up stuck to a seat playing video games or Facebooking, or whatever else they do that requires only eyes and fingers instead of legs, feet, arms, and good lung capacity.

THAT is the problem with obesity in our youth today. The food police can restrict, educate, and make all the laws they want. The only thing that will change is that our kids will get fatter, fatter, and fatter.

Oh, some say that “times” have changed. It’s unsafe for kids to play outside now. That’s why we must regulate and lower the amount of “bad” food choices they have.

That’s a weak argument and will only lead to our kids getting fatter, fatter, and fatter. Any physiologist will tell you that lowering activity lowers the metabolic rate. That’s why it’s very difficult to lose weight and keep it off simply by dieting and “eating right” without exercise.

I’m not offering any solution here accept to point out that if our kids had the amount of exercise kids in the 60’s had, they would not still be getting fatter, fatter, and fatter.

Think about this the next time you hear a food policeman at work.

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