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Why Are Feelings of Rejection So Powerful In Humans?

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Rejection is one of the most powerful negative emotions in humans. Why is that? Caveman theory explains this easily.

The success of early humans depended on the success of the clan. Humans lived in groups as they became more and more advanced. They hunted in groups. They foraged in groups. They migrated in groups. They raised their young in groups.

Without successful social integration, modern human civilization would not have evolved as it has.

Back in the caveman days, rejection meant almost certain death. If an individual was outcast from the clan, his or her live was immediately put into jeopardy.  Besides death, another consequence would of course be the inability to reproduce and successfully raise a child.

Rejection was a very very bad thing. Today it does not mean a death sentence. But the instinct to avoid it is hard wired in our DNA no doubt. There are many forms and ways to experience rejection. But ALL the roots of the rejection feelings go back to our early caveman days…it’s just that simple.

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Go With DNA “Flow”

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It’s true, our DNA has not changed much to speak of in the past 10,000 years. Imagine how life was different back then! Within the DNA is the code which enabled our caveman and cavewoman great, great-x1000 grandmothers and grandfathers to succeed in that hard life and reproduce…AND raise the next generation successfully.

But now, society has changed more than our ancestors could have imagined. But we still have the same DNA. Could that fact be the root of many of our current and modern day relationship problems?

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