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Cool Places to Get married

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For most people, marriage means the local church or registry office, but it is increasingly common to get married somewhere else. Many unexpected places now hold marriage licences and here are seven grand and unusual locations where you could tie the knot (at least you could do, if you had the money).
Number seven – Battersea Power Station
It might not sound in the least bit romantic, but you get a clear view of many of London’s biggest landmarks and the room itself is sleek and crisp. If you’ve got your heart set on a post-industrial wedding, where else would you choose?
Number six – The Decorium
The Decorium used to be a swimming pool. But don’t let that mislead you – the Emperor Suite is as grand as anywhere.
Number five – Pinewood Studios
A great many James Bond films have been shot at Pinewood Studios. Hopefully, the leading man at your wedding will be rather better behaved with the ladies.
Number four – The Ritz
British hotels don’t come much more famous than The Ritz. The place is literally the byword for luxury and opulence. Weddings are held in William House, an 18th Century building that adjoins the hotel proper. If you book The Ritz as a wedding venue, you can expect doormen and ‘palace-style cooking’.
Number three – The Inn at Whitewell
You might think this is a rather prosaic selection. After all, The Inn is precisely what its name suggests. However, it is also a rather striking hotel with distinctive rooms and a reputation for exceptional food. It also featured in the Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon comedy series, The Trip, in which Coogan is commissioned by The Observer to review six restaurants in the North.
Number two – Manchester Art Gallery
Get married in the Vallette gallery and then take drinks in the Pre-Raphaelite galleries afterwards. You can also have dinner and dancing in the Atrium as long as your party is 100 people or fewer.
Number one – The Natural History Museum
Yes, it’s true – you can get married in The Natural History Museum. There are a number of different rooms available of different sizes, each featuring its own exhibits. You could get married in the Earth Hall, which has marvellous sculptures or if you’re feeling particularly flush, you could hire out the Central Hall and have your wedding overseen by the skeleton of a diplodocus. It’ll cost £10,000 for the room alone, however.


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How Women Can Protect Their Hearts

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Go slowly in a relationship (with your heart). A louse of a man can fool you for a while perfectly. But most of them can’t keep it up. Your expectations need to be very very high. If they make one major screw up, they should be gone. If the screw up is minor, give them one benefit of the doubt, but pull your heart back for a bit. If they screw up again early on, they are not the for you. The biggest problem is that women allow men to screw up too much. If the guy is for you and he really really cares for you, he won’t hurt you in any way. If he ever does by accident, you will see him feel so badly that he can’t stand it…then you know he cares. But basically, hold a man to a very very high standard….and when they don’t reach it, move on right away. Build a list of “deal breakers” for yourself and stick with it. Within 3 to 6 months in any relationship, if you are honest with yourself and true to yourself, that’s enough time to know if there is possibly a problem. If there is, you can’t be afraid to protect yourself and move on.


Oh, also, you know that old saying “love is blind”? Well, love often is….but it  does not and should not have to be that  way. When it is totally blind, that’s how people get hurt.

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How To Make Your Wedding An Even More Personal Occasion

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There are several ways in which happy couples can take this feeling further. Try out some of these ideas when planning your wedding, and see how much of a positive impact they have on your day.

A Great Ring to It

Think about everything that a wedding involves and makes it memorable. The venue, what you both wear, your vows, and perhaps even the bad dancing at the party afterwards will all leave their mark. All of those are great, but the only thing that you carry as a physical reminder of your wedding for the rest of your life is your wedding ring

So many people place little significance on their wedding band, however. When you are going to have something on your finger potentially for the next 60 years, why not put extra effort into making sure that it is something remarkable.

Rather than go for the usual metals of gold and silver, do something a little different, and then customize your wedding band even further. Try these ideas:

  • · Go for a newer metal, such as titanium or tungsten. These are known for looking better for longer, never losing their shine and becoming a sorry looking piece of metal adorning your finger.
  • · Use the new metals to come up with different colors. Why shouldn’t you try out a black wedding ring, or something with a distinct blue or red strip through it?
  • · Engraving is a traditional, timeless way to personalize your wedding bands. Whether you go for something simple such as the date of your wedding and your names, a biblical verse or a quote that means a lot to you, there are many ways you can add a personal twist to your wedding band.


Go Smaller

Many people look forward to getting married in a venue filled with their close friends and family. While we’re all for this, especially as you can get the feeling of ‘when I look into your eyes, the world stops turning’ in front of a room full of people.

At the same time, it isn’t the most intimate experience in the world, is it? For a more personal feeling on your wedding day, consider a smaller venue, or perhaps even head off to somewhere completely different and ‘do the deed’ with strangers as your witnesses.

Shun Tradition

For something that is supposed to be ‘your day,’ it is amazing how much weddings are bossed by what people claim to be traditional. While this can lead to many weddings feeling the same, you should be comfortable to put whatever slant you want on your big day.

Just because ‘tradition’ dictates you have to get married in a church, wear a big white dress, or say certain vows, doesn’t mean that is what you have to do. Tear up the rulebook and have the wedding day you want. You will regret it later if you don’t.

Adam is an online content writer passionate about new and emerging wedding trends, as well as companies such as Men’s Tungsten Online that provides high-quality alternatives to traditional wedding bands.

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How To Get Married Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket?

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Are you struggling with the scenario where you have set the wedding date and are now worrying from where to finance the expenses in order to have the dream wedding? It would sound superficial if we say that money does not play a role in the wedding planning. However, planning a budget wedding does not mean in any sense, that one needs to sacrifice on the elements in the wedding which one values the most, instead it focuses on harnessing the creativity.happy couple

Have a look at the 5 ways to get married on a budget:

1. Wedding dress
The topmost pointer which comes in mind when we initiate the list of the 5 ways to get married on a budget, is the wedding dress. It is the dream of each and every girl to put her best foot forward when it comes to the wedding dress and the look at the wedding. But to keep the finances in proportion, it is vital to look for options for the wedding gown instead of buying one right away. You can opt for your mother’s wedding gown and make a handful of alterations to get the dynamics right. There are also a number of wedding shops which offer wedding dresses for rent, you can get your hands on that also.

2. Invitations
Invitations are indeed one of the most significant aspects of a wedding. Those wonderful pages play the role of the messenger and invite the friends and family to come and bless the couple. However, often these simple messengers cost a lot in terms of structuring the budget of the wedding. But, one cannot do by keeping them in abeyance. Hence, there is a creative option, where the to-be-married couple needs to get a few of their pictures clicked and upload on the websites which offers coupon codes for printing the invitations for the wedding free of cost.

3. Food at wedding
The wedding cuisine actually can cause fluctuations in the pocket books. Therefore, for a budgeted wedding it is imperative to plan the menu to be served at the wedding with great caution. Plan the dishes as well as the drinks to be served by analyzing the tastes and preferences of most of the expected guests. It is always better to keep the wedding time in the morning, as the lunchtime reception costs lesser in terms of the cuisines and thus in expenses.

4. Wedding photography
If you are planning to hire a wedding photographer for your wedding, then mind it, you can be charged heavily. The wedding photographer can be termed as the highest expense of the day. To even out things, it is good to take the help of some of your creative friends who are brilliant in taking the pictures. With the presence of the digital camera these days, the pictures can be clicked in the best of the manner. To give your friends an idea about the wedding photographs, make them glance through some of the work of a professional wedding photographer.

5. Keep the guest list limited
It is imperative to become ruthless when deciding the guest list. To keep the wedding within the budget, it is significant to keep the wedding affair within close friends and family. This will reduce the cost of the wedding by nearly sixty percent.


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Meet Your Soulmate; Try Out Internet Dating!

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Why not try out online dating this year for a great way to meet new friends and hopefully your soulmate!

Why Try Online Dating?
Online dating is a great, fun new way to meet new friends and potential partners using the internet. Signing up to a website and creating a profile can be fun. Looking through the profiles of potential partners is a great opportunity to think about exactly what you’re looking for and to find people with similar interests and values to your own. And the websites which cater for online dating are growing in size every day with more single people signing up and trying to find their perfect partner. woman with computer

Speed Dating
Many speed-dating events are organized online through dating websites and by signing up for one of these events, you can meet 15-20 single people of the opposite (or same!) sex for a night of fun conversation and a few drinks. This is a great way to meet new people in a relaxed environment, as you only spend 3-4 minutes chatting to each person before moving tables. Specialist websites offer events tailored to Asian singles looking to meet those who share their culture and beliefs and this is a great way to meet those with whom you will have something in common.

Which Website Should I Sign Up To?
Choosing the right dating site can be key to your success, with websites available which cater specifically for the Asian singles market. If you’re looking to meet a single Asian man or woman, this is a great place to start, but there are also websites catering to most faiths, cultures and lifestyles.

Will I Meet People Similar To Me?
The chances of meeting people of a similar faith and background or with similar interests are increased if you choose the right website, so do your research. Websites now specialise in certain areas so if you are looking to meet people in uniformed professions a uniform dating site is a great place to start, whereas for Asian singles, websites which cater to this portion of the population offer an excellent solution.

The world of internet dating is a good place to find people who are similar to you in terms of faith, beliefs, culture or interests and you can meet new friends as well as potential dates. Whether you choose to sign up to a paid membership or free site, there are many choices available online, so do your research to find the perfect dating site for you!


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Is My Recently Retired Partner Having An Affair?

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Late Life Divorce

Unfortunately late life divorce or ‘Grey divorce’ as it is being dubbed by researchers is on the increase. Couples split up for a wide range of reasons such as infidelity or falling out of love and this is true of older couples. However there is a different reason for the grey divorces that is unique to their age group, retirement. As divorce no longer has the social stigma that it used to have older couples feel that they can divorce if they want to but also they do not have to spend the rest of their lives with someone they hardly know or even like.cheaters


When it is time to retire it is a life transition that can cause a lot of problems for both partners. The major bread winner will no longer have the stress and strains of a heavy workload or the responsibilities associated with a high powered job. They would have had a purpose, goal or reason for getting out of bed and now they do not. The reduction in income can give a person, who has striven to earn a living for many years, strange empty and useless feelings and can fill them with depression. This can be particularly bad when everyone around them is telling them how wonderful there life must be now and it must be the best time in their lives. It is not so great for the person who stayed at home to look after the children. Their role has now changed now the children are grown and left the nest and the carer has a new life. When the breadwinner is around all the time it can cause problems. They get in the way of the homemakers new childless routine. They are around making a mess when the coffee morning is due to take place. The breadwinner interferes with the dinner and often treads muddy boots around the immaculate kitchen causing more work.

Is An Affair Going On?

Either party of the marriage could be having an affair. The breadwinner could easily make the excuse of an evening meeting, weekend work, working away or working late, while the person already at home has all day to meet someone else. When the retirement begins both partners are now in the situation that they do not have the time or the excuses to keep an affair going at the rate that they could before the retirement. The affair could be one of the things keeping the marriage together and therefore cause ill feeling towards the partner for preventing them from seeing their lover. This situation should not be left a marriage counseling service, retirement counseling service or a private detective such as Private Investigators Dudley can offer expert matrimonial help and advice. It is possible that an affair is going on but it is also possible that the change in your circumstances is making you think this

Planning For Retirement

Pensions and planning for retirement are two things that are not thought about as much as they should be when people are young. When life is hectic and busy it can be that retirement is just not thought about. It is not a depressing thing to talk to your spouse about it should be a wonderful plan of what you want to do with the rest of your life together. Sorting out your finances for the future and having a joint plan of things to do when you have more time together stops the feelings of depression and uselessness setting in. It is a good idea to start a new hobby together and perhaps learn to play golf as this will help keep you fit and get you out and about either together or individually. Retirement is not about stopping or even slowing down it is a new part of life that can be as full as when you were working or caring for a busy family.


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Tips For Talking About Marriage With Your Partner

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As far as commitments go, marriage is pretty much out there on its own for how significant a happening it is in a person’s life. When a relationship begins it is usually characterised by little or no pressure and a lot of anticipation and immediate fulfilment. Some people decide to throw themselves into a whirlwind marriage but the long-term results of this decision are very rarely positive. Taking your time to fully get to know your partner is certainly vital but after a long period of time has elapsed in the relationship you may rightfully be wondering where it is all heading. With regard to the conversation topic of marriage here is some advice that you may find useful.happy couple

Raising the subject
If marriage is starting to play on your mind on a consistent basis and your partner is yet to bring up the topic in conversation then you could be hesitant about discussing it. You may well ask yourself whether you should be the one to bring it up or if you should wait for them to mention it. Time is of the essence however and if it is something you seriously want to talk about then do not hesitate to put the wheels in motion. Making a gentle reference to marriage when you are with each other is a good way to make a start. Even if it appears that no immediate progress has been made with getting them to talk about it you can be sure that a mention will plant seeds of thought in their mind.

Speak from the heart
When you begin talking to your partner about getting married it is crucial that you remain true to your feelings. Explain to him or her why it is something that is truly important to you and be honest at all times. Make sure you do not try to trick them in any way by pretending you have a different viewpoint from the one you really have.

Be clear of your own feelings
Certain parts of a relationship can leave you with somewhat cluttered thoughts so it is essential that you are absolutely sure of your own feelings with regard to marriage. Is it the occasion itself that you are attracted to or the idea of committing yourself to your partner? If you are someone that needs to have the prospect of marriage and it appears that your partner has a separate opinion then ask them if there is any way they may change this over time.

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Changing Views on Same-Sex Marriage

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same sex marriage


Views on same-sex marriage may be one of the deciding factors in the upcoming election. Although many politicians try to dance around the subject, the voting public is demanding more concrete answers. Some politicians have also had changes of heart regarding the subject in recent years. President Obama, for instance, stated in 2004 that he believed that marriage should be between a man and a woman, but claimed in a more recent statement that he has no problem with two people of the same sex getting married.

Republican congressman Ron Paul has also changed his tune about marriage since the last elocution. He now states that it should be a private matter between two people and that it is not his place to impose his standards on others.

Prominent religious figures are divided about the issue of same-sex marriage. More traditional religions still hold fast to the idea of marriage only being an viable union when it’s between a man and a woman.


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How To Avoid Awkward Wedding Moments

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We spend months, in some cases years, planning our wedding day, so when it arrives the last thing we want is to have the day spoiled by a number of awkward moments that everyone is certain to remember ahead of the fact that you actually got married.

We looked at some of the quick tips you should implement in order to avoid any awkward moments befalling your wedding day.bride fell down

Have a Dress Code

If you are having your wedding at a certain venue that only allows a certain style of dress, adding a dress code to invitations is an excellent, non-aggressive way of ensuring that people turn up in something that sees them turned away, even if they are attending your private function.

If you are worried that certain guests might dress in an embarrassing manner then this could work then, too.

In the event that you decide against a dress code, you will still need to check in with most of your guests to see what they are planning to wear. Not so much if you are the groom, but the bride certainly should check in with others, especially if she is wearing something other than traditional white or ivory colors.

Know Who is Coming

But of course you know who is coming, because you know who you sent invitations out to, don’t you?

Forget about that, and any RSVPs you might have subsequently received. Get someone to email or call around to confirm that everyone is attending beforehand. You wouldn’t want to organize a table arrangement and then find that, because people now cannot make it, that you have some half-empty or others where one or two people are sat, literally like spare parts at a wedding!

Limit the Alcohol Early

Having a drink is a traditional way to ‘calm the nerves,’ but it can also be a precursor to making a total fool of ourselves.

Ask this with regards to yourself, your partner, the best man, maid of honor, and anyone else who is involved in the ceremony: Is a nervous forgetting of a word or a blush better or worse than a stumbling drunk making a mockery of the whole thing?

You already know the answer, of course, so try to limit how much is drunk before the ceremony itself, it could save the day.

Keep a Close Eye

While weddings are great occasions, they are also prone to a number of certainties. Relatives dancing or making a show of themselves can be funny, cringe-inducing, or both. There is a fine line between harmless and completely humiliating, however, especially if one of your divorced parents is trying to pick up the best man or head bridesmaid, for example.

Let’s be honest, all weddings are going to have their awkward moments, but they don’t have to be “I want the ground to open up and make me disappear” happenings. Just do what you can, and if people do drop you in it, just smile and enjoy yourself.


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Common Wedding Music Mistakes To Avoid

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Most couples planning their wedding have only one thing in mind; they’re going to play their favorite music. But just because your wedding music sounds good in your head it doesn’t mean that it will be perfect for the wedding guests. Apart from the type of music issues like location, sound quality and intensity and having a good knowledge of the musician are also very relevant. Mistakes like these can be detrimental, and the best way to rule out any possible pitfalls is to check some of these common wedding music mistakes and make efforts to avoid couple dance

Not Meeting Beforehand

Organizing a wedding ceremony is no easy task especially if you don’t have a wedding planner. Couples spend hours, weeks or even months preparing for their big day. So much that it’s easy for anyone to forget meeting the DJ or band before the wedding day to find out how good they are. This mistake can cost you so ensure you meet your music provider and confirm if he or she is up to the task.

The Space Is Too Small

You know how many people you’re inviting to your wedding. The more people you have on your list, the bigger your dance floor should be. Too often couples make this mistake that leads to overcrowding on the dance floor. This can also discourage your guests from taking part in the fun and excitement at the reception.

Control The Music

You’ve hired the DJ or band to supply the music, great but that doesn’t mean you should leave them to do whatever they like.  Most bands have more than 200 songs, while DJs will have thousands of songs in their collection. Leaving them to play whatever kind of song they like might end up being a disaster. To avoid this mistake collect their list and pick the type of songs that you want or you think will be perfect for your guests. After all it is the guests who’ll be doing the dancing.

Loud Music Can Be Uncomfortable

Musicians and DJs are used to loud music because that’s what they do for a living but what about your guests? The moment you notice the music is way too loud inform the musician. Or better still tell them the level of loudness that you think should be appropriate beforehand especially if your reception is indoors.


Poor or low quality equipment has the capacity to ruin the music for your wedding day. The music output quality will be low, people won’t be able to connect with the music and you can’t force people to dance to what doesn’t appeal to them. To avoid this make sure that you check the music equipment thoroughly before the wedding commences. You should also ensure it has a solid electricity supply that will eliminate any possible issues of power outage.

Music Genres

Guests at your wedding come from different backgrounds and generations so why have just one type of music playing? This might get a good response from only a few but will surely leave the rest feeling totally disconnected. Make sure that the songs you’re selecting are of different genres that will carry everyone along.

Too Many Song Requests

Song requests are good but overdoing it can be very detrimental. The best thing is to have a list of special requests of about 25 songs for the DJ to play. This will allow the DJ to play additional requests from the guests and include his own favorites too.


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