What is CaveMan Theory?

Relationships are one of the most complicated and difficult aspects of the human experience. But has it always been this complicated? Have humans simply evolved into beings that, by default, are hard-wired to have such difficulty with male/female relationships? The answer to that question involves the complex relationship between our DNA, our advanced brains, and modern society. Caveman Theory explains in very simple terms why it’s so very difficult for men and women to live happily ever after today.cave woman with laptop cavewoman

But first, we have to review the science of human evolution and how our DNA fits into the picture. Our DNA contains our human blueprint. Every need and every instinct we have is coded in our DNA. Our DNA is the blueprint for our success. Likewise, it is the same DNA that causes so much strife and turmoil within modern day relationships.

“Modern” cavemen existed in many areas of the world just 15,000 years ago. That may seem a long time, but in evolutionary terms, it’s just a blink of an eye. Sure, cavemen looked a bit different than we do now. But even today, humans display a very wide range of characteristics. The physical differences between cavemen and modern humans are not that different than today’s differences between a large boned, fair skinned, green eyed Irishman and a pygmy tribesman living in Africa…they are both the same species…their DNA is 100% homo sapien.

The most important aspect in understanding Caveman Theory is the fact that a species’ DNA simply does not change significantly in 15,000 years. Sure, we got a bit taller, many of us got fairer skin, we developed different colors of hair and eyes…but the cavemen and women are where we got our human DNA from. They were our great, great, great, great, great….( repeated about 800 times or so) grandmothers and grandfathers. That’s right…if it were not for a specific caveman and cavewoman, you would not be here right now. Think about that for a moment!

DNA does not change a whole lot in a few thousand years. You might ask, “So what?”

What’s important about that fact involves knowing something about life as a caveman. Basically, it was a very HARD life. Living revolved around surviving. It’s difficult for us to imagine just how difficult life was back then. Imagine having to melt ice in the winter just to get a drink. In the summer, migration was often necessary when water became scarce. Food was a constant worry. And imagine living only in caves and primitive shelters during weather extremes. Imagine raising cave babies in these circumstances. Life was hard. “Spare time” was rare or non-existent. Nothing in a caveman’s life was “convenient”. Every waking hour, for both the men and women, was taken up by survival for themselves, and most importantly, their babies.

A caveman either worked out the task of survival, or he/she, along with their offspring, perished. It was their forefathers who passed along the necessary instincts, physiology, and cognitive skills, via DNA, that ensured enough cave babies survived long enough to grow up and reproduce themselves. Early humans developed all the right traits needed for survival. The species flourished and copies of DNA were passed along generation after generation with only slight, superficial changes.

High intelligence was one of course one of the most important traits passed along. And therein lies the problem; Caveman theory explains how our DNA has not been able to keep up with factors brought about by our every increasing high intelligence.

Caveman theory explains perfectly many of the confounding issues faced by modern humans. Let’s look at just one very simple example.

Although it may not be politically correct to say this today, our DNA dictates that the normal, healthy development of a child is best accomplished if both a caring mother and father are involved in his or her raising. This is not true for all species, but it is for humans. But look at the birth rate of children born by single mothers with the father not involved at all. In some areas of the country, that number approaches nearly 50% of births. The problems with gangs and other delinquency are directly correlated to the missing fathers. Humans simply are not made to be raised without a father figure.

hunting cavemanIn cavemen days, a pregnant woman giving birth without the support of a man literally was a death sentence for the baby. Human babies are completely helpless for a very long time after birth. Cavewwomen relied on a dedicated and trusted male to supply food, shelter and protection and later as a role model to teach the girl babies the traits to look for in a future mate and the boy babies the traits and skills needed to support their own offspring.

But look at what modern society has caused. We get our food easily in supermarkets. Cavemen could not have imagined our heated and air conditioned homes with running water (hot and cold!), and our government provides money and food to mothers who are raising babies without fathers. That was not meant to be a political statement…just a fact.

In other words, modern society has evolved to the point where fathers are only really needed for conception. That’s not to say the fatherless babies will grow up happy and well adjusted. But they won’t die from cold or hunger either.

That’s a very simple example of a major impact Caveman Theory has on our modern lives. It’s a perfect example of how modern technology clashes with our DNA to cause major societal problems.